Presence Coaching

Is This You?

You want to experience your life as deeply and fully as possible.

Some things you value: kindness, curiosity, clarity.

You’re a capable person and sometimes you feel overwhelmed with busy-ness, but you know there’s more to life than just getting things done.

Some other things you value: beauty, creativity, spontaneity.

Sometimes you catch yourself in the same old situations and you’d like to find find new ways to respond to old problems.

More things you value: sensitivity, intelligence, self-compassion.

Things you’d like more of for yourself:

  • a greater sense of belonging
  • a more comfortable relationship with your body
  • time to explore things that are meaningful for you.

If some of these things ring true for you, then you’re exactly the kind of person that I hoped would show up! Welcome!

Working with presence can:

  • Encourage you to access your own inner wisdom
  • Create a sense of spaciousness around the issues you are working on
  • Help you disentangle from misplaced expectations, whether your own or others
  • Make it easier to recognize your own habitual responses
  • Make new and more skilful responses possible
  • Give you a sense of belonging

What excites me most about working with presence is that once you get a taste of being with yourself in this way, it creates a desire to be even more present to the rest of your life. That’s what makes this such a beautiful way to work.

How does It Work?

In a typical session we usually spend a good amount of time doing simple experiments or explorations based on paying attention to our present moment experience.

We do this by giving attention to our breath, guiding our awareness to different parts of the body, interacting with our surroundings, and feeling what’s there right now.

You don’t have to have any mindfulness /meditation experience at all. This is a very ordinary process. The presence experiments are designed to be simple and easy to do, while giving you the deepest experience possible.

As we work through your issue/s we keep coming back and checking in with the body, noticing any inner responses to what we have been discussing.

The process of moving between the discussion and getting quiet and paying attention to the body is the most powerful aspect of presence coaching and yields some really interesting, useful, and often unexpected information.

Presence Coaching Sessions:

Each 60 minute session is conducted over Skype, but we can also do phone if necessary.

After purchasing your session / package, you’ll receive an email within 24 hours to arrange a time. Once that’s set up you will receive a pre and post session package from me.

The pre-session package will include call-in details, a session guide, and some simple worksheets to help us both prep for our time together.

The post-session package includes an mp3 recording of our session, a brief write-up of what we worked on, and email support, which is available either between sessions, or for seven days following a one-off single session.


$100 (U.S.) for a single session

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$400(U.S.) for a monthly package (4 one-hour sessions)

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