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Refresh Sessions

Feeling Stuck Is No Way To Start Your Day

Sometimes it can feel impossible to catch up with life’s demands.

If you are constantly expected to perform, have goals you want to achieve, or are simply feeling overwhelmed with busy-ness, giving yourself the gift of a little space and guidance can make a huge difference at the start of your day (or any time you need a lift!).

The Refresh Sessions are bite-sized (1/2 hour) coaching sessions that will help you move into the next phase of your day with clarity, purpose, and renewed energy.



How it works:

The 30 minutes you take to slow down, regather, and reorient yourself will save you a lot of time and stressful feelings.

You don’t need to be skilled at being mindful or present to get results from the refresh sessions. I know what it’s like to struggle with being present, and one of my superpowers is being able to gently guide you into a more settled sense of awareness that will help you meet whatever challenges you face.

Together we will:

Clear some mental space and help you get more present
Use simple exercises to get you feeling grounded and centered in your body.

Create a clear and appropriate intention to guide you.

Release you into the day with an energy boost and an action plan.

Let’s make this happen:

Each Refresh Session is 30 minutes long and costs $50. 

These sessions are the best way to get a feel for what presence coaching is. They’re short and they give you immediate results. This means you get to see what a difference this presence work can make for you, and I get to hang out with lots of cool people and share this fun technique.

Interested? You can grab your session using the Paypal button below:

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Once you’ve paid, I will email you to schedule a time to get refreshed!

Your call takes place on Skype or phone.

After our session I send you a quick round up of our call so you can refer to it through the day.