The Self Care Cycle

self-care-model-image-wpSelf care is major theme that comes up when I’m working with coaching clients. A lot of articles about self care revolves around lists of suggested activities that you can choose from to take care of yourself. That can be a helpful approach. Plenty of those ideas can be useful, but what if the particular activities listed don’t resonate with you?

I created this self care course because I wanted to provide an actual process that you can put in place which takes into account all the things that nourish, interest, and appeal to you, particularly. Self care should be something enjoyable, and there should be a clear sense of why and how it’s working for you.

The Self Care Cycle e-course runs for four weeks and includes a weekly one hour teleclass, written modules and call recordings. You will also get access to a private Facebook group where we can all interact between calls.

Through the four weeks of the course we will:

  • Explore the relationship between self care and self compassion
  • Map your personal field of self care
  • Practice ways of being more present and aware
  • Use this awareness to discover your own self care needs and design a practice.
  • Experiment with small shifts towards your own self care practice
  • Integrate these changes so your self care practices can continue


The next running of the Self Care Cycle starts early July, 2016. Registration will be opening soon