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Hello, and welcome! It’s so good to see you here.

Welcome Presence is not just a blog, it’s an invitation for you to slow down and connect more deeply with yourself, and with others.

My hope is to build a community of people who value the importance of being in touch with who we really are, rather than the harassed, busy selves we are asked to present to the world.

This is a place to explore ways to slow down and be more gentle with yourself, to lovingly release old ideas and habits that may be holding you back, and take time to appreciate the beautiful gift of simply being alive.

Presence is a word I like to use instead of mindfulness because I believe it invites us to be in touch with our whole selves, not just our mind. This idea is reflected in the posts I on this blog and is definitely a key influence in the presence coaching sessions I offer here.

Some Helpful Posts To Start With

If you’re a first time reader, make yourself at home and have a look around. Below is a selection of posts that should give you a nice introduction to the blog:

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A Presence Practice For You To Try

noticecoverminiA beautiful presence practice I’ve been working with for the last four years is called ‘noticing’.

It’s a simple writing meditation practice that helps ground you in your body as you explore what’s happening for you in the present moment. Noticing can change your relationship to writing, and to the way you experience the world.

If you’d like to try this writing practice I have written a free guide called ‘Notice Your Life’, and I’d love to offer it to you.



To receive your copy, simply fill out the form at the bottom of the page and hit that big orange button to get your downloadable copy delivered.

You will also receive the Welcome Presence newsletter with tips, blog updates, and conversations on being more present in the world.

Make sure to give noticing a try,  I would love to hear about your experience with this beautiful writing practice! (I’m always interested to hear what Welcome Presence readers have to say)

You can let me know over at the Welcome Presence Facebook page.

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